04. February 2019

Successful KTM-Comeback for Max Nagl

Two times ninth place in Ottobiano (I)

After a work-intensive winter brake Max Nagl went back on the bike at the past weekend. The German started at the second round of the Italian championship in Ottobiano and showed that he was very confident after his KTM-Comeback.

The conditions weren’t easy at the race in Italy. Heavy rain transferred the heat into a mud fight. It was very important for Max to get back into race trim and to gain more experience on the KTM-machine. “I didn’t start with the latest and newest stage of our material. At this conditions it is important for me to finish the races and to concentrate on the World Championship preparation”, the Upper Bavarian said before the start.

However, he didn’t have a slow pace in both heats. In the first heat Max was on the fifth position when he fell of the bike and finished the race in ninth position. He defended this position also in the second heat and draw a very positive resume: “I am fit and ready for the upcoming year 2019. The bike did a great job and I felt very confident to. At the end of the races I was able to overtake some competitors of this year’s world championship, which shows me that I am on a high fitness level.“ 

In the upcoming week the protégé of the team KTM Sarholz Racing will stay in Italy to prepare himself with further test rides. Already at the next weekend he will start at the final of the Italian MX Championship at Mantova. At clearly better weather forecasts, the 31 year old German motocross star is looking forward to the next races. 

Max is also working on a successful world championship opening in Argentina in parallel to his pre-season testing. He is supported by his big fan base. “I am impressed how the fans push me. The fundraising on Facebook motivates me to fight on and achieve top performance. I want to thank everyone who brought me this far. It would be great if I could start in Argentina, thanks to the support of everyone involved. The chances are getting better and better“, Max explains trustworthy.